This article is an excerpt taken from my Bible study,
Worthy of Love: A Journey of Hope and Healing After Abortion.

Chapter 1: The Lie

“You’re pregnant,”

announced the clinic director as she reached her hands across the desk, gesturing for me to do the same. Slowly, I leaned forward. She cupped my hands in hers and lowered her voice, “Look, accidents happen sometimes. We understand that. That is why we want to help. When you are ready to have children someday, we will be here for you then, too.”

I wanted to believe her. I knew I wasn’t ready. Still holding one hand over both of mine, she retrieved a form from the stack of papers on her desk. “Simply sign here. It will be over in no time and then you can get on with your life. After all, you are only fifteen years old.” No one mentioned baby, child, unborn, ultrasound, heartbeat, life, death, grief, pain, loss, or regret.

No one told me I’d have regrets. Regret that I didn’t ask for more time. Or regret that no one talked to me about adoption. Regret that I would later discover this would be the only child ever conceived in me. And regret that would propel a friendly, optimistic straight-A student into depression, withdrawal, suicidal thoughts, and drug and alcohol abuse in less than a year…

The Lies We Believe

As a scared, pregnant fifteen-year old girl, I believed my child was nothing but a lifeless mass. Twenty-five years later, I came face-to-face with a scar hidden so deep, it would take a miracle to bring it to the surface. And that’s precisely what happened.

Have you suffered the heartache of abortion? Do you struggle to forgive yourself? Do you have regrets? 

I know what that’s like. For years, I kept my abortion a secret. I know what it’s like to suffer in silence. Worthy of Love is more than a Bible study. It’s a journey of hope – and a promise of healing.

Are you are ready to move past your fears and embrace the love and forgiveness God offers? Get your copy of Worthy of Love today and let the healing begin.

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