A  7-week Bible study on Hagar

Rediscover the

“God Who Sees Me”

Have you ever been in a wilderness?
Have you ever wondered, “God, do you see me?”

Journey into the wilderness and the story of Hagar. Through this 7-week Bible study, you will find that when you surrender your life into God’s hands, your trials and triumphs serve a magnificent purpose: to draw you into the arms of the faithful God Who Sees Me.

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“This study is a personal and compelling guide to a powerful and under-appreciated story of God’s faithfulness.”

BIBLE STUDY MAGAZINE (Faithlife/LOGOS Bible Software)

“This study is deep and packed with surprising insights! I enjoyed exploring the story of Hagar—an often-discarded woman who played a profound part in human history. I love how Shadia weaves in her personal experiences, helping readers connect with her and understand how to apply the teaching to their own lives. This study beautifully captures the depth of God’s love for all people. I am excited to share it with others!"

FRANCINE RIVERS, international best-selling author

"I love seeing God’s mercy, passion, and love through the story of Hagar. Shadia takes rich insights from Scripture and presents them in a way I can understand. I love what I am learning!"

 Linda Dunning (test reader)

"This study is fantastic. Shadia encouraged me to look deeper into Scripture and helped me see that even as we journey through life’s desert places, we are seen and loved by God."

Sandi Miller (test reader)

"Shadia has a very tender way of reaching deep into your spirit to face those desert places. You will be encouraged and gain a renewed hope to live the life God has planned for you."

Jackie Kupitz (test reader)

"A Bible study on Sarah’s Egyptian slave girl? I’ve never done a study on Hagar before, but Shadia reveals that there is more to Hagar’s story than meets the eye. Used and abandoned … where was God in that? I’ve also wrestled with this question at times. Who hasn’t? Thank you, Shadia, for opening my eyes to Hagar’s story; in doing so, it helped me to see myself. "

Kay Marshall Strom, Author and international speaker

"I totally love this Bible study! I’m certain that those who read this study will be abundantly blessed! "

Kathy Ide, Author and Director of Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

"I love the idea of ‘Does God Really See Me?’ Shadia’s love for Jesus and her Biblically solid, uncompromising approach to Scripture will bless many."

Mark Matta, Director of Ministry Relations for Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youssef

online Bible study for HAGAR: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me by Shadia Hrichi


The Online Bible Study is a guided, email version of the Hagar study.

The Online Bible Study for HAGAR: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me, is offered in two formats. When you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the format that works best for you.

  • 7 Week Format: go through the book over the course of 7 weeks. The book is divided into 7 chapters(weeks), each with 5 days of homework
  • 14 Week Format: go through the book over the course of 14 weeks, allowing two weeks for each chapter(week) in the book.



Perfect for Bible Studies groups, or for personal use, this 8-session Video Series is the perfect complement for a well-rounded Hagar Study.

Files Included:

  • Promo Video (mp4)
  • 8 Video sessions (mp4) – 3 hours total
  • Guide to using video sessions (PDF)
  • Group Study Tips (PDF)
  • Printable Scripture cards (PDF)

A Note from the Author

Shadia Hrichi

Am I known? Am I loved? Am I home?

Every human heart is searching for the answers to these questions. Yet when pain and heartache enter our lives, we feel betrayed and cry out one question: God, do You see me?

The answer is yes. He is Behind the Seen.

Because we live in a fallen world, each of us will inevitably face hard times, even painful ones. Who among us has never seen or felt the fallout of broken homes, broken lives, or broken dreams? Hagar is a great example of someone who discovered God during a difficult time. Maybe you have never heard of her. Or perhaps you came across her name in a study of the book of Genesis. But how much do you really know about this young slave girl? We often relegate her to the backstage as a minor character in God’s redemptive story. But was she?

As I explored Hagar’s story for another book I wanted to write, God continually amazed me as we journeyed together from the affluence of Egypt, into a life of slavery, to a desert of despair. It seemed the more I studied her life, the more I discovered about God. What began as a chapter evolved into a study all its own. Two years and several thousand hours of study and prayer later, the book you are holding came to be. Consider this your backstage pass to the life of Hagar.

I have never actually gone backstage during a live event, but I know that much more goes on behind the scenes than meets the eye. I invite you to come backstage with me and explore how God was involved in every detail of Hagar’s life. Her story has all the ingredients of a Hollywood tragedy: betrayal, loss, abuse, crisis pregnancy, abandonment . . . any of that sound painfully familiar?

Thankfully, Hagar’s story does not end in despair. God was working Behind the Seen—just as He has in your life and mine—all along. As a matter of fact, Hagar emerges victorious! Hagar: an unsung hero if there ever was one.

Beloved, is the enemy using anything in your past to try to derail you from God’s plan, or hold you back from experiencing God’s joy to the fullest? Be assured, that is not how your story will end. Just as God did for Hagar, when He enters your story, victory is already assured.

So strap on your sandals and a grab a bottle of water. We’re heading into the desert. A place where we will encounter “The God Who Sees Me.”

Your sister in Christ,


ADDITIONAL Testimonials

Joseph Bentz

Joseph Bentz

Author of Nothing is Wasted

Hagar is sometimes downplayed as a minor and almost expendable figure in the more prominent story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis, but Shadia Hrichi’s book reveals a complex and fascinating woman facing the same spiritual struggles as the rest of us. All of us have something to learn from this woman who suffered despair, rejection, and abuse but still managed to find hope in the one she called the ‘God who sees me.’ 

Chris Tiegreen

Chris Tiegreen

Author of the Dancing in the Desert Devotional Bible

Few biblical stories illustrate hope in the hard places of life better than Hagar’s. Shadia Hrichi beautifully illuminates that hope, offering encouragement not only for the destination of our lives, but also for the journey. Through this study, readers will be inspired to trust God, embrace His purposes, and experience His victory. 

Susy Flory

Susy Flory

New York Times Bestselling Author

The story of Hagar . . . is a story of hope. And that is the beautiful theme of this in-depth, thoughtful, and engaging Bible study of an often overlooked, but powerful story. 

Dr. Bev Hislop, D.Min.

Dr. Bev Hislop, D.Min.

Author, Professor, Western Seminary

Hagar: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me is certain to inspire its readers to go deeper in understanding God’s unfathomable love and purposes—specifically amid our personal heartaches and pain. In various seasons of life humans wonder: Am I known? Am I loved? Am I home? This extensive study draws us deeper into the biblical text searching for answers. There we find ourselves prompted by Shadia’s own transparency to surface our intimate longings. Relating to Hagar as a person who was used, abused and refused, brings us face to face with a God who reaches far beyond cultural expectations to meet Hagar in the midst of her pain. This study will lead you there as well. 

Fouad Masri

Fouad Masri

Founder/President Crescent Project

This refreshing study digs deep into the life of Hagar. . . . Thought provoking and practical, it will help readers develop a desire to serve our Savior. I highly recommend it! 

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