Jesus still heals; the healing power of the CrossI love reading the gospel of Luke. He was a physician who kept careful notes and viewed the world through a logical lens. In Luke chapter 4 (verses 33-41), Luke records that Jesus had just spent the day teaching in the synagogue where he healed a man who was demon-possessed. From there, he goes to Peter’s house where he heals Peter’s mother-in-law. Soon, many people begin to arrive suffering from various illnesses, and Jesus heals them all, including driving out many demons. Yet each time, Jesus rebukes the demons for declaring His true identity.

Some interesting thoughts:

  • First, Jesus is willing to heal all who come to him, demanding no explanation, condition, or vow.
  • Second, though the people are healed, their healing is only temporary: each person is still destined to die.
  • Finally, only the demons grasp Jesus’ true identity; those who are freely healed by His mercy do not.

When we look back at this picture from the perspective of the Cross, we discover these glorious truths:

  • Jesus’ offer to heal still stands; however, through the Cross, the gift is far greater: Jesus came to heal our souls.
  • Our transformation is not temporary; a believer’s spirit will be united with Jesus in Heaven for all eternity.
  • Finally, the demons were furious at Jesus’ arrival precisely because they knew who He was: the eternal Son of God whose mission was  to conquer sin, Satan, and Death itself. Only after this mission was accomplished through the Cross was Jesus’ identity made publicly known.

Lord, I praise You and thankYou that you are a God who desires to forgive and heal. I pray that You will remind me continuously of how much You have forgiven and healed me and to help me see the people around me through Your eyes. Thank You for your great love and the eternal home You are preparing for those who love You, where we will be free from every disease, sickness, pain, heartbreak, sorrow – even death itself – for all eternity to come. Amen!

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