❤️ I’ll never forget the child I never knew ❤️

Certain days of the year, such as Sanctity of Life Sunday and Mother’s Day, are not always easy for me. Memories of “what could have been” come to the surface. Regret for poor choices that can never be undone. Today, my daughter in heaven would have been 39 years old had she lived. (Perhaps I would have been a grandmother by now.)

While I can never undo my painful choice, here’s what I have learned: God is ready and willing to forgive the most tragic of sins—even abortion—if we come to Him in humble repentance.

Although I will always regret my choice, through Christ’s love, I am no longer bound by guilt and shame. My Savior paid a high price to free us from those chains. And because of this, you and I – no matter what we’ve done – can forever praise His Name!

I wrote the below poem, “A Mother’s Hope,” as a companion to my poem, “A Mother’s Lament.” I pray it blesses you.

A Mother’s Hope by Shadia Hrichi

Ungodly judges give birth to lies,
with the pound of their gavel, babes have no name;
with the stroke of a pen, children are banished to the grave.
In every city, the godless plot evil;
on every corner, they set their traps—
lurking in darkness for the daughters of men.

They sacrifice children to the god of mammon;
for an ounce of silver, innocent are slain,
for a pound, a generation is forgotten.
Though her mother forsake her,
and the world has no room for her;
Your arms receive her, and you call her daughter.

Within my heart a silent echo beats,
whispers taunt my soul;
but my soul cannot hear,
my heart cannot perceive
what lays captive in the darkness.
I cannot bear the deafening silence! Tell me! Who is there?
Can a mother mourn for the forgotten?
Can a memorial carve a place for the nameless?

Then you opened my eyes to understanding—
you have not abandoned her to the grave.
You heard my cry and answered me,
“Give your child a name.”

Before you formed her in the womb,
angels announced her arrival;
When your heart conceived her,
heaven burst into song: “Worthy of Love!”

My Lord, my Redeemer!
With pounded nails, you deliver me from the grave;
by your blood, my transgression is blotted out; you rise, and call me daughter.

Four things I do not understand—
five are too wonderful for me:
You have taught my soul a lullaby,
and filled my arms with laughter;
my tears have become a song,
and my silence a beautiful voice—
you have turned my secret into a stage.

I will praise your Name to the congregation!
To the nations I will lift my voice!
May all the peoples of the earth glorify your name!

Have you or someone you love endured the heartache of abortion? If you give God all the broken pieces, He will meet you there every time. 💝 Worthy of Love: A Journey of Hope and Healing After Abortion is a 8-lesson story-driven bible study for post abortion healing.

Shadia is a passionate Bible teacher, author and speaker who has a heart for seeing lives transformed by the power of God’s Word. She holds a master’s in biblical and theological studies from Western Seminary and is author of several books and Bible studies.

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