Give Thanks

Give Thanks

“Give Thanks.” It’s such a small phrase, isn’t it? What circumstance prompts this phrase most often? What comes to mind for you? Perhaps family gathered together around a table to say grace…or maybe a Thanksgiving tradition where each person takes a turn to share...

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Why Do We Put On Masks?

Why Do We Put On Masks?

I am honored to partner with CBN. This article is also featured as today’s CBN Daily Devotion. I was six years old when my mother had worked for weeks sewing the Halloween costume I asked for. Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. My mother dressed me in my...

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Does God Know You By Name?

Does God Know You By Name?

In our wealth- and power-driven culture, we all know the "big names" out there. Our news and entertainment industries provide a never-ending stream of the latest triumphs, tragedies and gossip. Whether it's popular athletes, actors, or successful entrepreneurs. It...

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