What Did Jesus See On Good Friday?

It was April 3, 2015. Good Friday. I was home alone watching the movie Passion of the Christ. With tears streaming down my face as I watched the horror of the crucifixion, my heart cried out,

Oh Jesus, why!?! Why would you do that for us? Why would you do that for me? What, oh Lord, did you see?!? What did you see that could possibly keep you on that Cross?

“I saw you.”

For the Joy Set Before Him

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I have never forgotten those words. His words still echo today. No matter what we have done or how we have suffered, Jesus’s blood still testifies, I want you. I love you. You are worth fighting for. You are worth dying for. 

Picture your name written in front of each of the following sentences. Imagine that Jesus is speaking to you, and then read each sentence slowly and out loud.

______________, I see you.

______________, I want you.

______________, I love you.

______________, you are worth fighting for.

______________, you are worth dying for.

Which truth stirs your heart the most? Why?

Even in His darkest hour, Jesus could have ended it all, but He did not. Why?

“I saw you.”

Hebrews 12:2 tells us, “For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. . . .” Joy. He did it for the joy that was waiting for Him on the other side: the joy of seeing you and me and all of God’s children from every tribe, nation, and tongue reconciled to God the Father, to Himself, and to one another.

Because we live in a fallen world, like Hagar, you and I may experience many dark days, but if we will trust our heavenly Father and surrender to His perfect plan, He will often use our darkest days to shine forth His glorious light.

The above is an excerpt from Week Six of my Bible study, HAGAR: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me.

Friend, when life hurts, and we feel betrayed, do you cry out: God, do You see me?

The good news is the answer is yes. He is Behind the Seen.

But what does that mean for us? Let’s explore the answer together.

You’re invited to join me via Zoom using my Bible study, HAGAR: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me

Beginning Monday, May 16, 2022, we will journey into the wilderness and the story of Hagar where you will find that when you surrender your life into God’s hands, your trials and triumphs serve a magnificent purpose: to draw you into the arms of the faithful God Who Sees Me.

Why is it important for you to be there?

Because every human heart is searching for the answers to some of those challenging questions about God. You too? Then get ready to embark on a beautiful journey of discovering God’s love for you! Watch this quick video just for you with details about the study that you’ll want to know!

So my question is, will you join me?

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It’s time.

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Shadia is a passionate Bible teacher, author, and speaker who has a heart for seeing lives transformed by the power of God’s Word. She holds a master’s in biblical and theological studies from Western Seminary and is the author of several books and Bible studies, including HAGAR, LEGION, and TAMAR.

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