Picture taken among the Redwoods of beautiful Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center

The air was crisp when I ventured out early one morning to walk Mount Hermon’s Sequoia Trail. Two days had passed at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference and I was eager to spend some time alone with my Lord. I walked about a quarter mile among the beautiful redwoods before stopping to rest on a wooden bench. A bird chirped above me in the trees while gentle waters rolled across the rocks in a stream below.

Just then I sensed God say to me, “Close your eyes and listen.” So I did. “How many birds do you hear?”

Up to this point, I had been aware of only two birds, one chirping above me and another off to my right. I closed my eyes and listened. Immediately, I heard a songbird behind me. Had it been singing all along? Then something resembling, “hoot, hoot” echoed high above the branches. Somewhere in the distance, a dove cooed. I began to count. Two … three … four … I hadn’t noticed that there were so many different birds nearby… five … There’s another one! … six … then down below a duck intruded on the chorus with an abrupt ‘quack!’… Seven! I count seven, Lord!

Wow, when my eyes were open, I only noticed two. How cool, I thought to myself; such variety! I started to chuckle as my mind wandered to my writing. Praying silently, I mused, which sound am I, Lord … the duck? I sensed God’s smile, “Your voice, my child, is still unheard.” I bowed my head, surrendering to His will when I heard Him continue, “… but one day it will be.” I found God’s promise so encouraging, I shared it with my mentoring group on the last morning of the conference – everyone was deeply encouraged.

I remember once reading an article which revealed that, just like fingerprints, every human being has a distinct voice pattern unlike any other. What a beautiful picture! Our God is a creative God and He rarely repeats Himself. As Christians, each of us has been given His Message of truth and love to share with the world and no two persons will voice it in the same way. May we each stay true to our call; stay true to our voice for it has been given to us for a purpose that no other person can fulfill. Let us surrender all of ourselves to God: our writing, our ministry, our dreams, our hopes, trusting that He, in His perfect timing and perfect will, will make our voice heard for His great glory.

And yet, we each have been given a voice for something even far more precious for the highest purpose for our voice is yet to come: on that Glorious Day when the trumpet calls us home and we bow to our glorious King Jesus, joining with His heavenly hosts in one majestic voice, singing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb!”

Amen! Come soon, Lord Jesus, come!

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