This article is the last of an 8-week series of excerpts taken from my Bible study,

Worthy of Love: A Journey of Hope and Healing After Abortion.

Chapter 8: The Gift

It could have happened to me. The year was 1967. Thousands of post-war baby-boomers were coming of age and ready for a change. Prayer in schools had been declared unconstitutional. Use of marijuana was skyrocketing while respect for authority plummeting. Mystic religions, the Woodstock Festival, and sexual freedom marked the climate of this generation. And although abortion was illegal, it was readily available…

In the midst of this Cultural Revolution, a young woman and her mother shared an apartment in Manhattan’s lower east side. One morning, the woman broke the news to her mother, “I’m pregnant.” Fearful for her daughter’s future, her mother encouraged her to consider abortion. Before making a decision, however, the woman arranged to meet with the baby’s father. Having no idea how he might react, she simply whispered, “I’m pregnant.” Several minutes passed as the weight of my world—my very life—hung in the balance. Finally, my father spoke. “Let’s get married.” I shudder to think that three little words saved my life.

She said yes and several months later, at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Hospital, she gave birth to a little girl. Fifteen years later, that same little girl found herself with a difficult choice to make. Only this time, no one spoke up…and she aborted her child.

That 15-year old girl was me…This side of Heaven, we will never fully realize the losses suffered due to our poor choices. There is always a price to pay. However, long before time began, God planned a rescue mission.

This side of Heaven, we will never fully realize the losses suffered from our poor choices, but before time began, God planned a rescue mission. #worthyoflove #abortionrecovery Click To Tweet

Jesus Offers Forgiveness

Two thousand years ago, in order to free us from our tangled web of guilt, lies, and shame, God clothed Himself as a human child, was born into this evil world, and although He had done no wrong, willingly took upon Himself the death sentence we deserved. He could have walked away at any moment but He loved us too much to leave us in our hopeless condition. He even had compassion on those who were after His own blood.  As they nailed Jesus to the cross, He cried out, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

To all who bring Jesus their pain, disappointments, addictions, burdens and regrets, He offers a second chance. Two thousand years ago, as Jesus hung tortured on the cross, dying for the sins of the world, three little words were carried away upon His final breath, “It is finished.”

A day does not go by that I wish I could undo my crime of abortion; however, I know that one day I will see my daughter in Heaven. And on that day, instead of fleeing in fear, I will eagerly gather her into my arms and whisper into her ear, “Worthy of Love.”

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