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8 teaching sessions to help you rediscover the “God Who Sees Me”

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8 Video sessions to complement and enhance HAGAR: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me. Total time approx. 3 hours. (For individual use. See Leader’s Kit for group use and details on how to get Leader’s Kit for just $20!)

Through this in-depth Bible study, you will find that when you surrender your life into God’s hands, your trials and triumphs serve a magnificent purpose: to draw you into the arms of the faithful God Who Sees Me.

Shadia’s teaching leads to diligent digging into the Bible . . . God opened my eyes to biblical insights I’d never seen before! Life-changing.” – Becky

FEATURES: 8 Video sessions (mp4). Standard definition (each video is approximately .5 GB). Individual use. See Leader’s Kit for High Resolution videos (2GB each) optimized for large screen and group use.

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Video Sessions and Run Times (Total time approx. 3 hours):

  • Introductory Session (16:27): God, do You see me? Every human heart is searching for the answer to this question. Watch Shadia as she provides an engaging overview and powerful introduction to Hagar’s story. You’ll laugh, you’ll ponder precious truths, and you’ll rejoice in being reminded that the Almighty Ruler of the universe is also the intimate “God Who Sees Me.” 
  • Session One (19:44): Through captivating dramatizations, Shadia traces Hagar’s origins through the story of Abraham and Sarah. Could what appears to be a disastrous detour into Egypt actually be a part of God’s sovereign plan? In this session, viewers will discover that God is always present – even in the detours.
  • Session Two (26:31): Shadia shows the depths of God’s compassion through the eyes of a runaway slave. Used, abused, barefoot and pregnant, Hagar flees into the desert and comes face to face with The God Who Sees Me.
  • Session Three (21:35): In this session, Shadia teaches how to rest on God’s promises when your world is falling apart.While Ishmael is not, in fact, the promised child, God blesses Hagar’s son…but an even greater trial awaits…
  • Session Four (19:16): Witness God’s power and plan as Shadia explores the banishment of Hagar and Ishmael into the wilderness. The place where God displays His mercy and invites Hagar into His holy work.
  • Session Five (20:46): Tracing the events in Genesis 22, Shadia teaches the value in surrendering to God’s plan for your future. The same God who saw Hagar’s suffering in the wilderness is the same God who will provide a solution to an even greater need.
  • Session Six (23:12): Examine the beauty and power of God’s ultimate gift: the sacrifice of His Son. Just as we identify with Hagar’s suffering, Jesus identifies with ours. Why did He do it? What did He see? Shadia answers this question and more in this powerful session.
  • Session Seven (24:12): In this final session, Shadia reveals that Hagar is not forgotten. In fact, she was victorious! In the same way, if we define the turning points of our lives not by the tragedies, but by the triumphs, we will discover that our trials serve a magnificent purpose: to draw us into the loving arms of El Roi, theGod Who Sees Me.

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1 review for Hagar – VIDEO Series (USB or Download)

  1. Louise Frostad

    I truly appreciate how deep Shadia goes into God’s word in this study. I have been a Christian for over four decades and am also a bible study graduate and have studied the word a great deal. The fact that new things were revealed to me through this study, both the videos and the book, is a great blessing. I would highly recommend this video study and the accompanying book if you are someone who likes to take a really deep dive in God’s word. I’ll be watching for more studies from this writer!

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