Hagar bible study review by Francine RiversLast week, I shared “A Note from the Author,” the first sneak peek into my new Bible study, HAGAR: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me. This week, I’m excited to share an excerpt taken directly from Week One of the study:

Walking by Faith

Life is full of detours. Before we can dive into Hagar’s story, we need to trace her origins through the story of Abraham and Sarah.

 Read Genesis 12:4–8. Describe the location where Abraham called on the name of the Lord. Be specific.

When God asked Abraham to leave his homeland, Abraham and Sarah packed up their little family and began the journey. However, just as they were starting to make some headway, a famine struck and the couple suddenly found themselves detouring into Egypt.

While Abraham was wise to take steps to protect his family from starvation, in fear for his life, he failed to protect his wife from the hungry eyes of Pharaoh. The servants of Pharaoh were so taken by Sarah’s beauty (even at age sixty-five!) that when they told Pharaoh about her, he took Sarah into his home.

Read Genesis 12:17–20. What did God do and why?

Coming Full Circle

Read Genesis 13:1–4. Describe the place where Abraham built an altar and called upon the name of the Lord after he departed Egypt. Be specific.

After Abraham and Sarah left Egypt, taking hordes of animals and slaves with them, they traveled right back to where they started. Could it be that God was watching over Hagar and that He decided to remove her from Egypt and its pagan gods? Might He have orchestrated this little detour into Egypt  — not because God needed to send Abraham and Sarah in  — but because God desired to bring Hagar out?

This, my friend, is God at work behind the seen.

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