Foreword Message by Brian Fisher

Worthy of LoveForeword by Brian Fisher: “The abuse of power and selfishness of my gender never ceases to grieve me. Our culture has come to believe that abortion is a “woman’s” issue – that it is a private decision made only by women that has little or no consequence on themselves, the fathers, family members, or our communities.

Yet your hearts and tears tell a much different story.

Through our work at Online for Life, I’ve had the honor of getting to know women like you who have experienced abortion – whose pain, guilt, and grief are very real. Rather than experiencing the freedom of making a “reproductive choice,” the decision to abort has lured many into an emotional and spiritual prison.  I’ve listened to your stories about depression, shame, struggles with alcohol and substance abuse, and journeys to very dark and lonely places.

Many have told me, time and again, that if they had the ability to go back in time and take a different path, they would have chosen life for their children and, in turn, freedom for themselves.

But what grieves me the most is that many of you felt pressured, coerced even, by the father, family members, or friends, and that many of those voices belong to men and for that, I am exceedingly sorry.

I grieve also for men, for too many of us have abandoned our God-given roles as providers and protectors.  Too many of us have succumbed to the lies of abortion.  Too many of us sit by, whether actively or passively, and allow our children to lose their lives and their mothers to suffer immense pain.

But here’s what I want you to know: not all of us are sitting by. More and more men are realizing the incalculable costs of abortion and they are running into the battle, determined to protect those in harm’s way.

Even so, there is one Man who is greater than us all – who stepped into the battle knowing it would cost him his very life in order to offer us a life beyond imagination.  There is one Man who so thoroughly honored, elevated, and encouraged women, that he was considered a revolutionary.  He rescued them, protected them, restored them, redeemed them.  And He forgave them.

And He still does so today.

The book you are holding is the result of that one Man and His profound, miraculous impact on one woman’s life.  That one Man, Jesus, broke into her abortion prison, restored her, refreshed her, and set her free.

Shadia’s story, so powerfully and effectively shared, is a poignant, personal reminder that Jesus heals.  He heals our broken hearts.  He heals our crushed spirits.  He heals our wounded souls.

And He wants to heal you.

You may be tempted to think that, because of the dramatic and miraculous way Jesus healed Shadia, His forgiveness can’t possibly be for you.  Abortion is just too great of a sin and you think you are beyond His mercy.

On the contrary, what Jesus provided for her, He will provide for you. He promises it.

I’m thrilled that Shadia took the time and effort to write this book.  If more women and men were this honest and transparent about their abortion experience, we would see far less abortions in our country. I invite you to drink deep from her experience and her study of the Scriptures.  Take your time, allow the words to work deep into your heart.  Allow Jesus to lovingly, carefully, and purposefully share His love with you.

He gave His very life for you…and in doing so declared that you are worthy of His love.”

Brian Fisher
Co-Founder and President, Online for Life
Author of Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women

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