Innocent Blood

Innocent Blood

Genre: Recommended Reading
ASIN: 1936760290

Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life.

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About the Book

The gospel of Christ is the gospel of life, and the Christian’s defining reality. Yet the shedding of innocent blood, primarily through abortion, has now marked an entire generation. Innocent Blood explores a series of questions so as to reveal vital connections between the gospel and the call to defend the unborn. These questions include: -What does the Bible mean when it says that “life is in the blood”? -What does the Bible say about blood-guilt? How is it that we are all stained by it and accountable for it even though few of us have taken a human life? -What remedy does God provide for the guilt of shedding innocent blood? -What are we to do when confronted with the shedding of innocent blood, and where does our courage to take action come from? -What is the link between protecting the innocent and proclaiming good news to the guilty? Not a book on social issues per se, nor a book on missions, Innocent Blood integrates the two and calls us to courageously challenge the powers of death with the gospel of life.

My Review:

The size of this little book in no way reflects the power behind its words. Making a case for the sanctity of all human life, the author points us to another image: the Cross of Christ, where the ultimate shedding of innocent blood took place. If the shedding of innocent blood of unborn children is not our primary concern, then neither is the Cross. The author boldly speaks against churches that have remained silent on the matter, leaving the bulk of the work to the pregnancy centers which, in addition to the primary aim of providing needed services, are forced to divert energy to generating awareness and raising financial support. Ensor likens these faithful centers to “nothing less than the Underground Railroad of this generation.” The church will be held accountable for its silence; however, this book is not about condemnation but rather awakening! The author calls on the church of God to reclaim its passion and commitment to defend the innocent and speak out against evil…to recognize that every time one child is slaughtered, God’s image is being defaced to the shear delight of the Evil One. In short, if we are not actively engaged in the battle, we are enabling the slaughter to continue. Read this book, and then share it with your pastor, ministry leader, and all those who claim the power of the Cross.


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