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Shadia Hrichi Updates

What Are You Clinging To?

It’s a pitiful sight we encounter all too often. My friend’s son recently turned four years old. For nearly two and a half years, he carried his blanket ‘binky’ everywhere. His mother used to sneak it in the wash at night to avoid the drama […]

Let God Redeem Your Past

Give God all the Broken Pieces

Abuse? Alcoholism? Bullying? Do you believe God can’t use all the broken pieces of your past? Think again! During my seminary studies, I was fascinated by a story of a missionary named Mary Slessor whom God used to save the lives of abandoned infants in […]


Who Is Jesus Christ?

Who is Jesus Christ? There’s a lot of controversy these days surrounding Christmas. Merely greeting someone with “Merry Christmas” is on its way to being grounds for legal action. This should not be surprising, however. On the very day Jesus was born, the world was […]


Is Jesus Knocking on the Door of Your Heart?

(This post also serves as today’s Daily Devotional on the Christian Broadcast Network. Read the post on CBN.) Recently, I had a new front door installed on my home. Upon inspecting the door, the contractor asked if I wanted a peephole installed, assuring me it […]


Our Heart’s True Home

I have a friend who feels blessed that she was adopted as a child into a loving Christian home. Recently, after a long search, she had an opportunity to meet her birth mother. She explained that her life was wonderful and full but something within […]