A collection of devotionals, poems, and articles upholding the Sanctity of Human Life.

image of Bible verse Psalm 139:14 "for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

God’s Story Beats in Every Heart

Mother’s Day is upon us. That special time of year we dedicate to celebrating moms and the precious gift of life God invites them to bring into the world. Perhaps the most famous mom of all is the young bride Mary, the mother of Jesus. […]


Partnering with God to Leave a Legacy

(This post is also featured as today’s Daily Devotional on the Christian Broadcast Network.) Every so often someone comes along who so inspires others that he or she is remembered years later – perhaps a preacher, a songwriter, or president. However, this story is not […]


Adoption: Plan B or God’s Plan?

November is National Adoption Month. A time to reflect on the precious gift of life and family. Did you know that The Bible includes adoption stories? It seems God has woven adoption throughout His divine plan to create a family for Himself as the object […]


Before Me, You (You Are Known and Loved By God)

Before Me, You (You are Known and Loved by God) (a poem) Have you heard of the new movie just released called “Me Before You?” I have not seen the movie; however, based on various reviews, one thing is clear: the movie ultimately celebrates a […]


A Mother’s Day Remembrance

In just a few days, it will be Mother’s Day. I’m still trying to figure out where April went. Is anyone else wondering where the time goes? In a few days, I’ll be heading to New York to visit with my family. I don’t always […]


You Have a Purpose

Did you know that your Father in Heaven spoke a word over you – your very purpose for being – the day you were conceived in your mother’s womb? Have you claimed that word? The enemy of your soul has spent the better part of […]

Forgiveness and healing after abortion

Forgiveness and Healing After Abortion: We Need Both

I once heard someone say, “There’s a difference between forgiveness and healing,” but it wasn’t until God led me on a twenty-five year journey that I finally understood the profound truth of those words. January is Sanctity of Life month and churches all over the […]

Bible is Truth

A Mother’s Lament

Thirty-two years ago, I lost my only child to abortion. Even today, I am still amazed at the unsearchable love of our God who, in His great mercy, was willing to heal my heart and free my soul from heavy chains of guilt and shame. […]


The DropBox: Every Child is a Gift

The movie The DropBox was powerfully  moving.  I had heard of Pastor Lee’s story a little over a year ago and was deeply touched to hear how God had so impassioned His servant for abandoned children. What I didn’t realize until I saw the movie […]


The Greatest Gift is Jesus, “God With Us”

When I was six years old, I received what I considered the greatest Christmas present ever: a beautiful dollhouse. But not just any dollhouse…this dollhouse was a one of a kind. My father spent months building it by hand in our garage as a surprise. […]